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In-Basin Observations

Nov 28, 2022

While in Midland two weeks ago, Bill and John sat down with friend of DEP ProPetro's CEO Sam Sledge. The guys talk about Frac activity, PUMP's recent 3Q earnings, the Silvertip deal, and look into operational activity for the next 3 months and 2023. Activity in the Permian remains robust, notwithstanding several...

Nov 13, 2022

On November 7th Geoff, Sean and Bill sit down to discuss the 3rd Quarter earnings results so far for E&P and OFS companies. The guys talk activity, M&A, recent E&P surveys and look a little into the remainder of this year and 2023. There is optimism regarding the duration and resilience of the current cycle.



Nov 1, 2022

On the road with Matt Wilks, Executive Chairman at ProFrac Holdings.
John, Sean, and Bill talk about the current frac market and what it's like being one of the largest pressure pumpers in the industry.